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Healing Touch Educational Program Description

The Healing Touch student undergoes a vigorous and comprehensive program that includes 120 hours of standardized curriculum with Certified Healing Touch Instructors. The curriculum is designed as a multi-level continuing education program and each level includes both didactic and experiential learning in which participants use specific healing interventions. The program of study is sequenced in five levels of instruction: Levels 1,2,3,4, and 5. Certificates of attendance with approved continuing education credits are issued at the completion of each level.

Healing Touch Curriculum

Level 1 Description

Level 1 begins with 15 20 continuing education contact hours of instruction allowing people with varying backgrounds to enter, acknowledge their previous learning, and to further develop concepts and skills in energy-based therapy. A strong commitment to personal growth is required. Click here for more details

Level 2 Description

Level 2 is for students who have completed Level 1 and wish to increase their breadth and depth in the study of Healing Touch (15 20 continuing education contact hours). The second level of study in Healing Touch includes an intake interview, back techniques, and a one-hour healing sequence. Emphasis in the experiential learning is on developing sequences for specific client needs. Click here for more details

Level 3 Description

Level 3 is for students who desire more in-depth skills in Healing Touch and have successfully completed Level 1 and Level 2. This course includes: development of Higher Sense Perception (HSP), sequencing of healing techniques, working with guidance, self-healing, and self-development (15 20 continuing education contact hours). Click here for more details

Level 4 Description

This course prepares the student to become a Healing Touch Practitioner and establish a practice setting. Practice concerns are explored including establishing a private practice, incorporating Healing Touch into a current practice setting either working alone or with others. The following topics are addressed: business concepts, client practitioner relationships, networking with other practitioners, identifying energy patterns in clients, and scope of practice. Professional development as a healer is explored including addressing professional ethics, standards of practice, and role as a healer (30 continuing education contact hours). Click here for more details

Level 5 Description

Level 5 focuses on the completion of projects begun in Healing Touch Level 4. The following will be addressed: the mentorship experience, community and networking activities, establishment of practice, development of expertise in a Healing Touch practice, and self development as a healer (30 continuing education contact hours). Click here for more details

Level 6 Description

Level 6 is the beginning of the Healing Touch instructor-learning stream. For more details, contact the Colorado Center for Healing Touch.

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